Malthusian Relativityι** = 1 / ψ

Biotic organisation from self-replication

mrLife is the site that deals with Malthusian Relativity; a theory of natural selection that predicts the inevitable evolution of organised organisms similar to those on Earth.

Biologists at the end of the 20th Century saw evolution as contingent upon history. It was a strictly a posteriori process that could not in principle be predicted forward, but could only be understood backwards after time’s actual unfolding. This was only one side of the story; applicable mainly to neutral traits.

Fitness linked life history traits are instead exposed to a natural selection that unfolds inevitably from the origin of self-replication, and this provides an arrow of time that points in the direction of major evolutionary trends and transitions, instead of other directions.

Malthusian Relativity is a theory on the latter. Based on Darwin, it extends classical life history theory into inevitable population dynamic feed-back selection, paying special attention to the intra-specific interference competition that is density dependent.

mrLife provides concepts, predictions and evidence - and free downloads of original work.

Please enjoy the wonders of unfolding life – Lars Witting / 2. March 2013, Nuuk