Malthusian Relativityι**=7/3ψ
The unfolding of life from self-replication

Biotic organisation from self-replication

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a natural selection theory that predicts the evolution of life, as we know it from Earth

Starting from the origin of replicating molecules with no metabolism, the essential force of evolution is selection for increased metabolism. This generates net energy for self-replication, and the unfolding of population dynamic feed-back selection from density dependent interactive competition.

The gradual unfolding of the feed-back selects for evolutionary transitions from replicating molecules over prokaryote and eukaryote like unicells to multicellular animals with sexual and eusocial reproduction. This prediction includes the evolution of body mass allometries, the population cycles that have fascinated ecologists for decades, and a bend of body mass evolution and inter-specific allometries by time. describes the essential concepts, predictions and evidence, with free downloads of original work.

Please enjoy the wonders of unfolding life Lars Witting / 29. October 2016, Nuuk